Michael Ackerman in Mono Volume 1
Roger Ballen in Mono Volume 1
Trent Parke in Mono Volume 1

Gomma Books have just released Mono, Volume 1, a collection of black-and-white contemporary photography. The list of participating photographers is long (Anders Petersen, Andy Spyra, Antoine D’Agata, Chris Rain, Daisuke Yokota, Devin Yalkin, Francesco Merlini, Gabrielle Duplantier, Giancarlo Ceraudo, Hans-Christian Schink, Jacob Aue Sobol, Jan von Holleben, Jukka-pekka Jalovaara, Keizo Kitajima, Kim Thue, Maki, Marco Vernaschi, Margaret M. de Lange, Michael Ackerman, Olivier Pin Fat, Roger Ballen, Scot Sothern, Sebastian Liste, Sofia Lopez Mañan, Stephane C, Susu Laroche, Tomasz Lazar, Trent Parke and Tricia Lawless Murray) but there is a strong current of photography in the Anders Petersen vein here. Interestingly they crowd-sourced the text for the book, asking bloggers, critics and curators each to write a few words about a particular series (full disclosure: I was asked to write the text on Michael Ackerman). As the title suggests there are two more volumes of Mono to come and there is already a shortlist of photographers for Volume 2 on the Gomma Books website. This is the second of two excellent collections of contemporary photography released this year, the other being Nocturnes by AM Projects which I also recommend checking out

(ed. Thanks to Mrs Deane for the correction re Nocturnes not actually being all black-and-white).



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